Hunt for Healing

A woman looking down and sideways with several hands reaching at her
A woman with closed eyes and head turned is surrounded by hands. | Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Her hunt for healing, I failed to notice.
Perhaps, I would have tweaked her prognosis.
Her heart throbbed from continual breaking.
I should have empathized with her aching.

Why did I neglect to peer past her smile?
With it, she disguised a broken shards pile.
Could I have poured glue that mended her whole?
If so, I would have swiftly served my role.



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Sylvia a. k. a. Sincere Scribe™

Craving inspiration? Dine on poetry with Sincere Scribe™ | Poet, 2x author, anthology contributor, lyricist, speaker, designer. Bon appétit!